Virginia Elections 2013: After Nasty Week, McAuliffe, Cuccinelli Square Off Saturday

The candidates will meet Saturday for the first debate of the 2013 election season at The Homestead in Hot Springs, Va.

Patch file photo: Ken Cuccinelli, left, and Terry McAuliffe, right.
Patch file photo: Ken Cuccinelli, left, and Terry McAuliffe, right.

Virginians will finally get to see Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s gubernatorial hopefuls, square off in a debate Saturday morning after a week and a half of increasingly aggressive jabs from both campaigns.

Hosted by the Virginia Bar Association at The Homestead, the lavish resort in rural Hot Springs, Va., the debate is the first of the election and a prime opportunity for both candidates to wrestle for the upper hand.

Both candidates have spent the days leading up to the debate carefully establishing their own positions, while attacking the other's.

McAuliffe’s campaign launched a series of television ads taking Cuccinelli to task for his stances on the Violence Against Women Act and his office’s involvement in a lawsuit over royalties from natural gas mining.

In turn, Cuccinelli launched a website to defend his stances on anti-sodomy laws, touting them as laws to protect children and minors from sexual predators.

Cuccinelli has been lauded as an excellent debater, and it’s a skill he’s trying to use as best – and often – as he can.

The attorney general and Tea Party favorite has challenged McAuliffe to 15 debates, but McAuliffe has agreed to the customary five.

Throughout the campaign, McAuliffe and his camp have painted Cuccinelli as a candidate more concerned with his own “extreme” social agenda.

In turn, Cuccinelli’s campaign has called McAuliffe out for his dealings with GreenTech, his struggling car company, and criticized him for launching attacks instead of talking about the issues.

While both candidates have been campaigning tirelessly, much of the media’s attention has been focused on the investigation into Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell and gifts members of his family received from Jonnie Williams, CEO of nutritional supplement maker Star Scientific.

Cuccinelli knows Williams personally and could face questions about his involvement in the mess. The investigation has prompted both candidates to call for changes to laws regulating gifts for elected officials.

McAuliffe was leading Cuccinelli in polls released Tuesday.

According to Public Policy Polling, a Democratic polling organization, McAuliffe won 41 percent of survey takers compared to Cuccinelli’s 37 percent.

The debate will be streamed live online by PBS NewsHour beginning at 11 a.m. Stream the video here.

Jack Kenny July 20, 2013 at 12:29 AM
Sorry McElf. When you have no clothes, it's tough to try to take them off of your opponent. After four years of budget surpluses, no deficits. no wars on women or coal, lower taxes, leaner government, low unemployment, and a serious start on the transportation mess you progressives have been talking about for 30 years you have some serious problems. Your big problem is stopping the Obamacare train wreck!
TheRepublican July 20, 2013 at 05:58 AM
FINALY!!! A voice of reason appears to fight the socialist, liberal lame stream media channle known as the Reston Patch. Well done, Jack. Well done!! Watch out for the following scams the socialists are trying to use against us: 1. The governor is corrupt and taking kickbacks from a well known, well respected company. 2. Cuccinelli is a quack because of his "The government uses social security numbers to track you" comment. 3. The so called "war on women." Everything is simple people. McAlliff is a crook, and The Cucc is an attorney general fighting against crooks. Thus, since McAliff is a crook, it makes sense for him to run against The Cucc because he knows The Cucc will put him in prison for being a crook. Just watch, just watch the socialists try to tie the governor and The Cucc to the company that's been giving him money. First, there's no scientific proof that the Lung Guard couldn't work. I know many think the FDS or whatever socialist government organization didn't apronve it, but that's because they're socialists and their job is to cut down any thing that is real and common sense, and doesn't favor the socialist agenda. Second, it's the job of our elected officials to take money from the job creators to further their causes. Why? Because they're job creators. If you eliminate all regulations then the job creators will be able to create jobs. How do you do this? You pay politicians money to do it for you. When the politicians take the money from the job creators, they create jobs. Thus, the job creators create jobs here in America by paying politicians to do what they want them to do. It's just that simple, people. Thus, the job creators are indirectly speaking on behalf ot the American people. At least those that want jobs. The so called "War on Women" is yet another fabrication of the socialists. Don't believe me? Watch Fox News. Fox News has many women, and pretty women at that (not dogs like the Lesbian Princess, Rachle Maddow) and they agree with the things the Republicans are doing. Why? Because they aren't socialists. That's why. If there was a war on women then the women working on Fox News would all quit. Thus, we can conclude that anything the Repbulcians are doing is in the interest of right thinking Americans. Thus, we can conclude the following. McAlliff is a crook. The Cucc is a great candidate. And you should vote for The Cucc. It's the right thing to do, people.


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